Program Philosophy

Celebrating the role of parents and the powerful impact we have on youth.
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  • Positive parenting takes practice. We strive for our best, not perfection.

  • Active listening is key, whether we are talking with each other, our children or ourselves.

  • Together we are better. Human connection improves our outlook, our understanding, our resolve and our ability to achieve our best.

  • Healthy communication makes strong families. 

  • Starting early builds a foundation for lifelong success.


  • Online or in-person discussions with local experts in the fields of nutrition, physical health and wellness, mental health, stress and anxiety, substance use, mindfulness, functional movement and more.

  • Online and/or in-person sessions offer hands on opportunities to practice healthy communication and build the foundations needed to see our youth become resilient young adults.

  • Masks and social distancing mandates will be followed at all in-person events.

For as much as we watch our children to see what they will do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. 

                                                          - Joyce Maynard

More Ways to Get Involved 

By exploring this website, you've already taken the first step toward strengthening your family and protecting young minds against risk.  There are many more opportunities nearby.  Choose ones that are a good fit for you. 

  • Visit our Program Page for more information on upcoming programs.

  • Check out other Community Prevention Resouces on our Resources Page.

  • Join a Committee - Your voice is just what we've been looking for.

  • Download our PAYS Summary with helpful tips for discussing substance use with your child.

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