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Commitment to School

Learn how meaningful work, meaningful connections and recognizing effort over outcomes all work to promote a deeper connection to school and build confidence and resilience in youth .

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How connected kids are to their family, their school, their neighborhood and their community has a direct impact on how resilient they will become or how vulnerable youth are to serious mental health or substance use concerns.


Here are West Chester's top community priorities based on data from the PA Youth Survey.

Small Steps

To help youth thrive

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Family Bonding

It is never too early to lay the foundations that will protect youth against risk as they grow.  Tools to develop meaningful connection with youth and establish healthy communication patterns that will last a lifetime are listed below.

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Neighborhood Attachment

For happy, healthy youth, making a valuable contribution and meaningful connections outside the immediate family are critical pieces of a person's development of self worth.

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Faith Practice

Regardless of religion, faith practice has been shown to protect kids against risk by focusing on gratitude and community, and appreciating our role in a larger context.


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A Low Commitment to School is identified as the greatest risk factor affecting youth in the West Chester area according to our most recent report from the statewide Pennsylvania Youth Survey.

Building strong connection

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Many factors can protect youth from risks such as mental health concerns, substance misuse or violence. By focusing our energy on areas that have the most impact, parents, caregivers, faith leaders and employers can set our youth and our community up for success. To learn more about what you can do to protect youth against risk, click on the program link above or schedule an appointment with our Community Mobilizer to better engage, your family, your workplace or your faith community.

Commitment to School
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