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For Employers

Support employee and family well-being.

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Support employees through on-site seminars with local prevention professionals. Designed with working parents in mind, programs cover topics on family relationships, parenting, teen substance use prevention and mental health with the goal of strengthening families within our community and your workforce.  

Research confirms that investing in youth through quality mentoring relationships positively impacts youth, business and communities. 


We believe teens are the key to ending the opioid epidemic, reducing violence and improving outcomes for themselves and society.  Through our THRIVE program, Prevention Partners can sponsor a teen or mentor a teen learning marketing skills in our teen THRIVE initiative.


Want to make a difference?  This is how.  

Mentor Youth



Shape community culture toward health and well-being, starting with your workforce. Our prevention messages are designed to target behaviors that data shows will have the biggest impact on building resiliency.


Community partners share existing campaigns on their website, company newsletters, and in community facing advertisements or avenues. Reach today's parents and employees with positive messages that promote key prevention ideals and mental health. 




Partnership Opportunities

Business professionals are uniquely positioned to support prevention organizations and local teens
to have a greater impact.  

Sporty Teens

Youth Involvement

Today's youth are eager to change their world for the better.  Through our Youth Involvement programs, high school students create prevention message campaigns and organize activities that encourage peers to choose healthy lifestyles and make good choices.  Donate your time, expertise or funds. 


Your partnership will promote:

  • positive choices programming for underserved teens

  • youth led marketing campaigns on substance misuse, mental health and youth empowerment

  • Teen involvement in healthy activities as alternatives to substance use

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Parent Outreach

Parents are inundated with responsibilities.  Our prevention presentations and educational materials make it easier for parents to know the facts surrounding underage substance use and make informed parenting decisions.

Your partnership will promote:​

  • development and dissemination of educational materials

  • subject matter experts speaking directly to local parents

  • prevention education sessions for parents 

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Community Campaigns

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Prevention Message Here

Knowledge is Power.  Using key points from our longitudinal studies and other research, we seek to impact social change throughout West Chester.  

Your partnership will promote:​

  • development of a community campaign 

  • social media influence 

  • online and print messaging

Download our partnership brochure to see how your involvement makes a difference.

More Ways to Get Involved


Click here for info on our committees and their current projects. 

Our committees are made up of professionals and community members dedicated to strengthening the West Chester community through prevention of substance use, violence and mental health issues among youth.

  • Communication/Marketing

  • Financial Sustainability

  • Leadership

  • Outreach

  • Research

  • Youth Involvement

 “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

                       - Albert Pike

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