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For Schools

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According the most recent PA Youth Survey, LOW COMMITMENT TO SCHOOL remains West Chester's highest risk factor for increases in behaviors such as underage substance use, violence and suicide.


By hosting youth or parent programs, schools create an impact far beyond their walls. 


Together, we will change the culture of substance use in our area and create a stronger, healthier West Chester.


Prevention programs offer concrete strategies for building resilience and family bonds that are proven to reduce incidence of underage substance use, violence and mental health issues. Find local opportunities to host a program from WCCTC or one of our prevention partners.


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Regardless of grades, parents can instill confidence and a love of learning in youth, by recognizing aloud when they see their kids working hard. 

Why We Care about School


From the most recent PA Youth Survey results, West Chester teens report high levels of involvement in school sponsored activities, feeling safe at school and lots of chances to participate in class and talk one-on-one with a teacher.  All these things help strengthen a student's commitment to school. Yet, since 2015, the data also shows a steady decline in levels of students who feel praised for hard work and steady declines students' belief that schoolwork is meaningful and will be important later in life.  These declines negatively impact our students' commitment to school.


Prevention science lists Low Commitment to School as a leading risk factor in the fight to prevent youth behaviors like underage substance use, violence and suicide. 


THRIVE is our youth initiative created by youth, for youth to build a community of thriving teens. 

Area youth design community message campaigns that engage their peers in leading healthy lifestyles, free from addictive substances.  Teens learn real world marketing skills and have fun while giving back to the community.  


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