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PA Youth Survey

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The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) is a nationally recognized tool, administered in schools throughout the Commonwealth.  The PAYS gives us key data points on which to draw sound conclusions and determine a community wide approach to addressing the most influential risk and protective factors impacting our youth today. 

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From cigarettes to vapes, learn how nicotine is impacting today's youth and what our lawmakers are doing about it.

Find Facts and Strategies to address specific topics.


Rx Drugs

The Opioid Epidemic has everyone's attention. See what's making today's headlines on this topics.


At 88,000 deaths annually, alcohol kills more Americans each year than Opioids.
Find out more.


The next big thing since the end of prohibition.
Know the facts.


Wondering how to tell if your child may be using drugs or alcohol? Check out 

Mental Health

We recognize mental health as an important factor in teen substance use, as a predictor or an outcome.

A Case for Waiting

pie chart.PNG

 25 and older (20%)

Age of First Time Substance Use for those Admitted for Treatment

age 18-24 (31%)

under 18 (49%

Source: SAMHSA 2017 Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)


Because almost 50% of those in treatment for addiction, started before age 18.

Because the teen brain is not fully developed until the mid 20's

“Data are just summaries of thousands of stories."                                         — Chip & Dan Heath

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