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Our Committees

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Legislative action is a powerful way to affect community wide change.  Build relationships with local elected officials and keep them abreast of issues that impact our youth and the community we live in. 



because good relationships start with a great "hello"

Local business professionals support high quality prevention programs by offering technical expertise.  Current projects include:

  • Maintain a current and compelling web and social media presence

  • Create engaging print and digital campaigns

  • Design marketing/communication plans to support local non-profits working to end youth substance abuse.

There's no limit to the impact you can have as part of this committee.


Old Alarm Clock


because time, talent and treasure follow passion

Like many great organizations, we rely on the passion of local individuals, foundations and corporations who connect with our mission.  Join us to help forge the relationships that will secure a bright future for our youth and our community.


because community-wide impact is long lasting

What inspires key leaders to take part in prevention efforts in West Chester?  This committee engages key leaders in meaningful ways and brings together local people of influence to create a meaningful impact on teen substance misuse in the West Chester area.


because knowledge is power

This committee focuses on engaging parents in the West Chester area to learn how, when and why to lay strong foundations that protect youth against risk.  We connect to parents by offering brochures that tackle tough topics and offering presentations from area professionals on topics pertinent to parenting today.


Outreach committee members help mobilize participation by: 

  • Schools

  • PTOs

  • Faith organizations

  • Community Organizations


Reach out to learn more about current outreach efforts


Our Data Analysis team uses information from the WCASD Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) to choose priorities best suited to our own community needs.  Through a strong partnership with WCASD since 1998, West Chester Communities That Care studies trends among youth in behavior over time and perceptions around alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, prescription drugs and some mental health topics.  Current projects include:

  • Resource Assessment and Gap Analysis

  • PAYS Data Analysis

Research professionals are encouraged to join our team to investigate ways to compliment our current data to further improve our efforts.


This energetic committee ensures that youth have a voice in prevention efforts geared toward their generation. And, teens develop real world skills through mentorship in our THRIVE program.  Current projects include:

  • creation of Middle School Bulletin Boards

  • high school awareness campaigns

  • substance free activity alternatives initiative

This Committee is great for youth and youth serving organizations/professionals that wish to play a role in fostering good decisions among youth.

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