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Feeling Overwhelmed About How to Volunteer with Kids?
Here’s How to Get Started
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Identify an area of interest.

No matter what your personal interest is there is bound to be a community volunteer opportunity for you or your family!. Check out our excellent list of local resources to find the best fit for you, your family, your teen, or your personal group.

Identify the size of your commitment.

Just like fries, you don’t have to supersize.  Choose the level of commitment that’s right for you. The amount that’s sustainable is always the way to go. And remember…Whether small, medium, or large, this choice can only impact your heart for the better. Follow this link to recommended volunteer resources...

Identify a routine window of availability.

The challenge of scheduling is real. But, big or small, ongoing activities (quarterly, monthly, weekly) promise the most benefit and impact. Look back over activities in your recent past and identify open times or days. Perhaps there are activities you would like to retire in favor of something more interesting or meaningful. This is another way to fit the volunteering activity  into your schedule.

Examples of activities that might fit into your established routine:

  • Once a month pick up nonperishable food items when you're grocery shopping. Perhaps brainstorm as a family what you want to give.

  • Offer to walk your neighbor's dog on a rainy day as you walk your own pup.

  • Volunteer to read stories to kids once a week when you are making your weekly library visit for yourself.

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Take action now.

Don’t wait. Life may be busy, but there's never going to be a better time.  If this month is booked, sign up for next month. But sign up today. 

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