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About Opioids & Prescription Drugs

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West Chester Teen Data

  • Over the last two years, recreational Rx drug use has gone down in all grade levels.


  • 100% of 6th graders who do try Rx drugs recreationally, get them from the home.

Why We Care

  • The rate of recreational Rx drug use, including opioids, goes up considerably in ages 18-24.

In the News

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Strategies for Parents

  • Lock up or dispose of Rx medications.
  • Visit to find a nearby place for safe disposal.
Strategies for Parents of Elementary aged Children
  • Eat.  Eating right for brain health will plant the seed that our brains are as important as our bodies.
  • Play. Games and puzzles exercise the brain.
  • Talk.  Say out loud how much you value brain health.
  • Watch.  Look for teachable moments in movies, TV, online and the community. 
  • Discuss your values on addictive substances and why they are dangerous for developing brains.
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