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Yard work - Constant is an understatement.

During this #pandemic, I vowed to spend time outdoors for 14 consecutive days because fresh air and nature are very...comforting, peaceful, restorative, energizing, healthy. The list goes on. Each day, I also vowed to focus on something constant in our lives. In a time when the world seems in an upheaval, it's worth remembering that consistency serves humans well. We crave structure and the sense of security that comes from "known" over "unknown". And indeed, nature offers us consistency, even amidst it's own changes. And yard work, made possible by our human desire to control nature, certainly feels constant.

My family is fortunate to own property with a sizable yard and while the outdoor space is not meticulously manicured, it does have flower beds that need regular attention. So, my outside time today was spent on all fours, in the dirt. I have friends who love to get their hands in the dirt. Not me. I'm a garden gloves girl all the way. For as much as I love being outdoors, I do not love yard work or gardening. While I'll admit that there is something satisfying about clearing leaves from a flower bed and filling it with a fresh coating of mulch, that satisfaction doesn't translate to planting things and watching them grow. Too impatient, I guess.

But growth is what spring is all about and it's what many people cite as their reason for loving spring. Buds on trees, grass turning green and baby animals everywhere subconsciously reminds us of the consistency of the life cycle. Long winters are more likely to make us feel heavy and burdened and more lethargic. But in contrast spring time makes us feel lighter and more hopeful, even if it does mean more yard work.

#hikerdog is not terribly helpful in the garden but, she is great company.

She will actually clean up deer poo from our yard, so that's helpful. Not desirable, but helpful.

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