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Water - the source of life

The rain in today's forecast made me want to write about water. Water is, has been and always will be a constant source of life. We simply can't live without it. The water cycle (precipitation, evaporation, condensation) works like blood continually pumping through the earth's body to keep our ecosystems alive. To keep ourselves healthy and reduce the chance we will catch the flu or the #coronavirus, we need to drink plenty of fluids. Just like it's a lifesource for the earth, so it is for each and every human. It's no surprise that water is nourishment for the body, but did you know water is also nourishment for the soul?

Not the kind you drink, but the kind you sit by and watch. The kind of water that is still and vast, or rushing, or trickling; all that water has a positive effect on our mental health.

#MarshCreekStatePark - Fall, 2019 - Will try to get back there soon.

There are articles all over the internet about the calming effects of water. In fact, just being near water contributes to lower rates of depression, lower stress levels, anxiety, and promotes better mental clarity. Who knew? The ocean with the repetitive sounds of crashing waves, the glimmer of light dancing on the surface and the sheer vastness all make it the perfect place to restore calm. But it doesn't have to be that grand a body of water to offer mental health benefits.

On this gray, rainy day, #hikerdog and I chose a short walk and a visit to a nearby pond.

Sure, water makes our ecosystems thrive and keeps our bodies alive. But the mental health benefits move water beyond just survival. There are streams and ponds all around us. I like to think of them as preventative mental health care. Get outside today and find your inner calm. And, don't forget your water bottle. :)

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