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14 Days of Outdoorliness

Much uncertainty, coupled with a seemingly insurmountable amount of change, is a recipe for trouble of pandemic proportions. This blog will instead will focus on the constants in our personal and collective lives that give us structure, calm, and often times, meaning.

Coopersmith Park, just off Route 3 in West Chester. #hikerdog Hiker Dog loves to hike out, but mostly wants to be carried back. Hmm. We'll have to work on that.

Here we go.

Is outdoorliness even a word? Nope. But, all the rules have changed recently so, I'm giving grammar a little break too. Plus, there's something fun about it and relaxing our rules a little might be just what the doctored ordered for a pandemic. A pandemic; yes, #coronavirus is really happening and it feels a little like we're on a movie set, waiting for the director to give us our next cue. And, action.

Every now and then the world really makes you stop and evaluate how you want to spend your time. For me, walking or hiking is my go to activity. Whether I want to explore or retreat, get better acquainted with friends or relish some solitude, hiking always is the perfect solution. Some days though I can only find time to squeeze in a walk around the block. Regardless, it's the time spent outdoors that gives me something I need like some kind of fuel.

What exactly is it that makes the outdoors so appealing? Sunshine is good for our bodies. #vitamind And, we tend to move around more when we are outdoors. The moderate exercise we get from walking, gardening, biking, etc. is also good for our bodies. Plus, people describe feeling "connected" to nature so there's also something very spiritual about it. And psychologists have long associated mental health with spending time outdoors. So, there you have it. The outdoors is good for your mind, body and spirit and that is why so many people are attracted to it.

But, there's another very critical piece to this equation. Nature (or outdoorliness, if you will) is a constant. We know what to expect from a local park, a tree, a field, a pond. And it will always be there when we need it. And sometimes we need that constant friend, a consistent companion in the midst of stress and change and uncertainty. So join us for 14 days of #outdoorliness because when a #pandemic hits and the whole world seems to have turned upside down, sometimes you just want to take a hike.

#hikerdog resting for a piece.

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