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Alone with my thoughts and a bike

Spoiler: #hikerdog didn't come on today's outing. Otherwise, we'd have to call her biker dog.

Today, I punished my quadriceps for no good reason. They did nothing to deserve the 23 mile bike ride I took them on. I enjoyed the first half of the ride just fine. Of course, if you've ever ridden the Chester Valley Trail from Exton to King of Prussia, you know that the wind is at your back on the way out. And that can only mean one thing. That same wind will be flying in your face, as if trying to push you backward, during the whole return ride. I honestly couldn't believe the difference. It didn't help matters that I am terribly out of shape. Sadly, I'm not even sure today's excursion helped me to be more fit. Reason is...I can barely walk now and, no doubt, that will land me in a cycle (pardon the pun) of inactivity for the foreseeable future.

Despite my stupidity for riding so far on my first day out this season, it was a beautiful day on the trail. Lots of people were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, scenery and our local trail system. Thank you #chestercounty #cvt #chestervalleytrail

Riding by myself today gave me lots of time to let my mind wander. It was amazingly peaceful. I culled over ideas of what we humans lean on as a comfort in times of uncertainty. I looked around and tried to discover a constant that I hadn't already covered in previous blogs. I came up empty. I was 3/4 of the way through my ride when I started thinking about the wheels and how completely fabulous that invention was. Can you imagine being around when that happened? Must've been completely life changing for people back in the caveman days.

And there it was. Our imagination. That is today's constant. Something that is always with us from the beginning of time. The human imagination is a powerful tool. It allows us to dream of things unseen, design things of superb function or great beauty; sometimes both. It allows us to prevent accidents and cure disease. #Coronavirus your days are numbered. Our imagination is a gift whether we use it to create something as ubiquitous as the wheel or to create a diversion for ourselves or our kids during a 14 day quarantine. Since the latter is likely needed about now. Why not hop on a bike, let your mind wander and see where your imagination will take you?

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